Clear decals UV

Material: Clear vinyl 
Printing: CYMK + WHITE ink. White ink is required to make the colors non-transparent
Application: storefronts, car windows, windows in general


Printing Inside- vs. Outside

Which printing approach is right for your custom window decals?

Inside-Glass (Second Surface)

Printed on the cling side, designs are seen through the glass surface. This protects the decal from weather and wear. Also protects the decals from vandalism.

A downside to this option is that the decal is a little less visible from distance if the window is tinted



Outside-Glass (First Surface)

Decals cling on the back, with designs displayed on the glass surface. Designs are a bit brighter and easier to see from a distance.

Choosing to laminate the decal will extend the life if it up to 4-5 years.


Product Review

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