Rough Asphalt Decals

Our asphalt & rough surface floor decals for social distancing will be sure to attract the attention of your customers.
They stick to asphalt and rougher surfaces with a use or a heatgun and a roller. 

Installation of this decals requires some tools and a technique:

  1. Clean the area of dirt and dust
  2. apply the decal in the desired position using your palm
  3. use a heatgun to soften the vinyl and roll the decal on surface using moderate force. Insist on all edges to set the vinyl in place
  4. Use a heat gun to soften the vinyl at a temperature of approximate 70-80 degrees celsius and roll the vinyl with hard pressure untill it takes the form of the surface. 


  • Need a special tool to apply.
  • Temporary graphic 3-6 months


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